In Support of Our Students

In support of our students during these challenging times, we remain committed to continuing their learning at the highest standards.
Following a recent survey, the vast majority of Master Franchisees voted to allow HDE students to temporarily access all Kangi Club games as part of the [email protected] solution.
We believe that it is important to keep offering value to customers, along with facilitating the new online lessons, in order to retain our students in the system.

Please note that the games will be open to all HDE students until June 30, 2020. Head Office may consider the possibility of extending the access to the games for an additional period during May. Please communicate the above to your Franchisees and Teachers.

We hope your students enjoy the games available to them on Kangi Club.

To Our Parents

Dear Parent,
During this challenging time for everyone around the globe, we at Helen Doron are reaching out to our students and communities to maintain continuous, quality and joyful learning for our students.
As a global company operating in 38 countries, we have seen the effect of the Coronavirus as it spread worldwide. We do hope that, as with China and Korea, which are now starting to return to normal, Europe will succeed in stabilizing the situation, and children everywhere will be able to return to their classes.
Facing the current reality, the company has taken immediate action to adjust our lessons to an online format, launching [email protected], to make sure your child’s English education is not interrupted, and lessons continue as usual, temporarily switching to online.

Helen’s Tips for Parents

Parents know how important it is for their children to stay happy and busy during these challenging times. To help them achieve this goal, Helen Doron has created a schedule of activities, full of valuable information to make the time at home fun, productive and interesting. Each tip is carefully selected to help parents to empower their children to reach their full potentials physically, emotionally and intellectually, while enjoy themselves.